Saturday, December 06, 2008

hooray beret, take 2!

Quick update:

I think I may have perfected my pattern for the perfect amount of slouch. After a few missteps of not decreasing properly (does anyone want a beret that comes to a gnome-like point?) and re-reading some Elizabeth Zimmerman, I figured out how I wanted to do my beret, and here you go!

(don't mind the photo - it was midnight and I was paler than usual, but thrilled with my completed hand knit in all its slouchy glory)

I have another on the needles right now for xmas presents! Hooray!


hazel evelyn said...

oh molly beautiful beret! I've been thinking of making one for next winter, and you've inspired me. nice colour choice, v. classy.

Miss Click Clack said...

Exactly the right amount of slouch! SO flattered that you were inspired by my berets (now called the Smith Street Beret... now could that be because I outlet them on Smith Street? I wonder....) But spookily and curiously, my decreases spiral clockwise, while yours are anti-clockwise.... Is that because we're in different hemispheres... like water going down the plug-hole?...

Molly said...

Hah! It must be a hemisphere thing! I k2tog, as per EZ's instructions for the tam'o'shanter decrease. How peculiar! But I must say, I get tons of compliments on my hat, and the stitch pattern makes for the best texture ever. I think I'm going to try one out of hand spun and see what happens.

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