Friday, February 08, 2008

(keep feeling) fascination

my book, The Crafter's Companion arrived in the mail yesterday, and i spent most of yesterday evening reading it! the introduction provided absolute sense to this entire craft world which a lot of us seem to be immersed in by choice, by habit, by compulsion, and by fun:

"As the back of this book wonders, why do we bothers to make things by hand when we live in a world where our every material desire can be fulfilled by ready-made, shop-bought items? On the large scale, I like to think the the 'craft wave' is a reaction to this world; we create because the mass produced just isn't special enough." (Torborg, 2006)

(I'm such a librarian)

Also, the book has great patterns, which I intend to start on ASAP!

Anyway, I couldn't agree with that any more. I've often wondered why I can never sit in front of the television without having something in my hands. My grandmother was the same way. As I've mentioned before, I come from a long line of crafty ladies, and my dad is quite talented in all sorts of woodworking pursuits. I love that the need to connect with what we create may be hereditary.

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Torborg, Anna, ed. (2006). The Crafter's Companion. London: Snowbooks.


Kristin said...

I hear you, Crafty Lady...why do I go to IKEA and buy unfinished frames and mirrors??? Because I have a vision for hand-painted frames, and collage framed mirrors (much like the newspaper one I made you a few years back!)

Hereditary, you say....

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